Best Car Buffer 2019 : Perfect fit for your Car

Needless to Say, everyone has the desire to have the best car for themselves. People think that it is not feasible for all people to have a brand new car forever. I say it is possible when you have the best car buffer with you. It restores the complete look of your old car even. You won’t believe its performance in order to have detailing car in no time.

In this post, we will talk about the best car buffers 2019. we hand pick top 10 car buffers in the market and reviews them. Below the list of best car buffer compression table. for detail reviews please scroll down to car buffer review section.

Best Car Buffers 2019: Compression Table

ImageBest Car BufferProduct DimensionsItem WeightRating/Check Price
Griot's Garage 10813STDCRD8 x 12 x 6 inches7 pounds4.5 out of 5 Star

Milwaukee 5540 11 Amp18.7 x 7.8 x 4.9 inches12 pounds3.4 out of 5 Star

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP14 x 6.5 x 6 inches5.75 pounds4.7 out of 5 Star

Flex XC3401VRG Positive-Drive Rotary19.5 x 7 x 7 inches5.7 pounds4.6 out of 5 Star

Meguiar's MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher18.4 x 6.2 x 4.9 inches5.4 pounds4.4 out of 5 Star

DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher4.8 x 21.6 x 7.5 inches10.16 pounds4.8 out of 5 Star

Neiko 10671A 7-Inch Electric Polisher and Buffer17.4 x 6.5 x 5.5 inches8.6 pounds3.9 out of 5 Star

Kawasaki 840580 10-Inch Ergonomic Orbital Waxer9.4 x 13.8 x 9.2 inches6.4 pounds3.8 out of 5 Star

WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher in Case12 x 12 x 10 inches3.08 pounds4.0 out of 5 Star

Best car Buffer

Before we move ahead in the next segment, you should know more about Auto Buffer or Car buffer.

What is car buffer/polisher

Car Buffer is an electric device for polishing the car to keep it scratch-free, lustrous and shiny. It imparts professional servicing and gives better result or finish than hand waxing. It will not let you go for the service. There is a permanent solution for permanent servicing at home of a car via car buffer. This device will make your car go for less maintenance.

The high-speed buffer polishes a car fantastically and gives detailed look flawlessly. Though manual waxing is a bit safer to use best the car buffer provides a good result when it comes to its all advantageous activities. The longevity of the car increases with the car polishing time to time with the help of Car buffer.

What makes you go for the Car Buffer?

If you will genuinely keep counting the benefits of using the Car Buffer then you will not fail in counting the richness of the buffer. Electric car Buffer increases your productivity as it saves a lot of time in giving its services to your imperfect car. You will see, using it will maintain the car like never before as it sports powered mechanism which rotates per second at full speed. The proper finish of the buffer removes plenty of scrapes due to the coating of the buffer.

If you want to make your car new or vibrant in look which makes it stand out from other then use the best car buffer for the better finish. It covers all the area of the car and leaves no place unfinished. You can get this device at the best price for the best result in your car. Its operation is easy so even at your home you can use it with perfection and can give perfect look to your favorite car.

Types of Car Buffers

It is well known that hand finish waxing is time consuming and there would be lack of finishing touch on your car while with the buffer device you will never go wrong in giving the good finishing and details on the car. It is perfect for personal and professional use. There is an orbital buffer and it is good all the way as it has good speed and finishes that its wax is all over applied with a great finish and is well mannered. On the other hand, hand waxing is a slow process and does not show the effect of its work as promising as an orbital buffer. An orbital buffer is technically responsive as far as removing the mark is concerned. It is easy to use and quite good in price.

If you want to save more time and increase more productivity then high-speed buffers is a smashing choice for you. Its powerful motor excels in performance if it is handled in a proper manner to cope with any damages of the car. It is more for the professional use as it is high speed and dual action buffer though there is speed control as well.

There is absolutely two kind of buffers such as the pneumatic buffer, specialized in the air for the good source of power. There is another option also like electrical buffer which I personally find a good option for the convenient use. Electrical buffer does not pose any issue, it is nice auto polisher buffer and you can check its worth practically through youtube videos or in some good shops.

Always Pick the right Car Buffer for you: Random Oriental and Rotary Car Buffer

There are some people who do not like to have a slow process machine for their regular use. People prefer sticking to the high-speed car polishers for them as they want to increase their productivity if they are investing in any tools. Auto buffers come in both rotary or random orbital or dual action car buffers. Dual Action car buffer is also good in its own manner as they are less prone to any hazards. It can also give the same high speed result in car polishing.

Random orbitals are several people’s favorite due to its lower RPM’s and there is less pressure while rotation in this. It gives professional finish by professionals and by beginners. At the time of application of wax, there is a high level of paint touch and finish.  Griot is the great orbital polisher and this is best in delivering great performance though it is expensive if you want to have a professional finish in your car then investing a few bucks will be worth. If you will go for the car polishing by a professional in a car agency then will have to pay more as compared to do it yourself at home.

Rotary or high-speed car gives the best result when it comes to having a good finish touch on your car. You need to use it at low speed if you are a beginner. The slow speed polisher gives swirl free finish also so you do not need essentially to go for orbital car buffer. It is heavier and not very easy to use due to the weight but no worry if you use it at low speed it is safe to use absolutely. It can be used and compatible with most of the cars, boat or RV polishing.

Any of the buffers is worth investing as they are durable and will make your car durable so it will not seek often time maintenance.

Best Car Buffer 2019 Reviews

You have already gone through the details of Car Buffer and now it’s time to know about its different models, their specialty and features through the brief review of each.

1. Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6” Random Orbital Polisher with 10’ cord

This car buffer named Griot’s 10 cord orbital polishers is responsive in maintaining the headlights, floor mats, windows, seats, wheels and another portion of the car. Undoubtedly, it works well in painting the whole exterior which hides the imperfection of your automobile in the easiest way. The incredible 10000 orbits per min for the effective result is an easy task for this model. Even it is good for personal use as there is no need to have experts around to run this handy tool. This electrical power cord removes swirl marks, scratches and oxidation and apart from this, it is good for a serious novice. Its power is 7.0 amp, a watt is 850. When it comes to its speed, it is around 2500 to 6800 rpm and its length is 10 ft power cord. It is having a 6-inch backing plate and it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • This electric power buffer is good for beginners.
  • Its rubber grip is comfortable so easy to use.
  • This orbital polisher, with the help of power strip, knobs and other switches polish the paint of the car more effectively.
  • The convincing speed easily removes swirl marks and water spots.


  • For running it you may need to buy an extension.
  • Not very worthy for professional.
  • Bit pricey.

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2. Milwaukee 5540 11 amp 7-inch Polisher

Milwaukee is the most stunning polisher you can have for your wonderful car. Its 11 amp powerful motor allows good speed (0 to 2800 rpm) and it makes sense to invest in this multi-purpose electric buffer. Its Quik Lock cordset makes the cord detachment easy from the device for the portability. The inclusion of several things is best for use like helical gearing, roller bearings, aluminum gear case, urethane bumpers, and all balls. Apart from this, there is also disc nut, nylon washer, 7-inch rubber backing pad, and other accessories.


  • It is a powerful tool for removing swirl marks and oxidation.
  • It is handy and easy to control the different switches.
  • The different accessories make it more functional.
  • It is durable and responsive due to the presence of a high powered motor.
  • Its speed is variable and flexible you can increase or decrease the speed as per the necessity.
  • Portable and easy to detach.


  • Not very fit for professional use.

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3. Porter Cable 7424 XP 6 inch Variable Speed Polisher

We cannot ignore this tool as per its quality, durability and in terms of responsiveness. Porter Cable 7424 XP is determined to excel in delivering the best in the car polishing process. It is good for beginners and for professionals. It is powered with 2500 to 6800 speeds and watt is around 425.5. This electric cord is having 10ft length with 3-year warranty. It includes polishing pad, wrench and side handle. This is good in smooth running as its motor does not make unpleasant noise. The PC 7424XP Variable speed polisher is best in painting the polishes of a car as it is now considered best in the market against its competitors.


  • Its design of side handle ensures unmatched comfort in use.
  • Its movement makes sure to remove the swirl marks and oxidation.
  • The long hours of running do not make the machine overheat.
  • This variable speed polisher’s trigger is accurately placed which makes the beginner use like professionals.
  • Protection against heat overload, which does not cause the burning of the paint.


  • It does produce noise with vibration, unlike flex polisher.
  • Not very responsive for heavy work.

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4. Flex XC3401VRG Orbital Action Polisher

This flex buffer is for professional use as well as it runs smoothly and does not make noise though it has a high powered motor. Its massive ergonomics provides circular movement which ensures to cure the more imperfections for your car. Its handle is the mark of comfort as it is situated above the pad and there is also good control on the trigger. It is a little expensive but offers several advantageous features with a one year warranty. Its weight is 7.7lb with the speed 3200 to 9600. Its watt is 900/590 and power is 7.5 amps.


  • Restore the cars lives and make it shine like glitter.
  • It is a durable and smooth running device.
  • No worry in applying the pressure and force with the rotation.
  • Variable speed trigger with no bogging down.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Heavier and not ideal for beginners.

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5. Meguiars MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher

Meguiars MT300 is a top rated car buffer without any questions. It has the potential to make your car bright and shine like brand new. It sports the 500-watt power and there is 8 mm large throw. It speed level is up to 300 to 7500 OPM which can be adjustable according to the need. It removes swirls and keeps it oxidized faster and this dual action polisher is powerful so it does not compromise in offering the best car detailing. All undesirable imperfections can be easily monitored with the help of this stunning model.


  • It is designed in a manner that gives good grip while using it.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Its potential is unmatched when it comes to giving your car best look.
  • This process of electric waxing is featured with several good things indeed which make your work easier and less time-consuming.
  • It gives pro touch car servicing even at your home.


  • Its exterior design is a bit boring.

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6. DEWALT DWP849X 7inch to 9 inch Variable speed Polisher with Soft Start

DEWALT with variable speed is powerful and offers good performance with the 12.0 amp that assures durability of the car. Its adjustable speed rate maximizes the finishing of the polish. The USP of the device is that its nonmar rubber gear case cover, which eradicates the imperfections of the car in no time. To have the best car buffer, DEWALT is also promising among the rush of different car buffer. Polishing of car will be a cake walk and leave your burden behind with this splendid top-rated performer. This electric buffer includes the Hook and Loop backing pad with velcro enclosure and there is also straight single handle. It has3 year warranty and this device length is 17.3.


  • It is good in delivering the metal finishing with the help of variable speeds in the form of rotation.
  • There are side handle and top handle for the optional use.
  • 3-year warranty, 90 days cash back and 1-year free service contract.
  • Heat treated, no load speed, precise cut gears for easy operation.
  • The car buffer polishing is long lasting and its effect stays longer instead of having environmental attacks.


  • The problem of overheating when used for long hours.
  • Brushes and pads need to replace after a few months.
  • In starting there could be tough to use the device.
  • Can burn the plastic parts so need to be careful while using.

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7. Neiko 10671A Pro Grade Variable Speed Polisher

Neiko is a very good option as it has six different variable speeds with the power of 1000 to 3000. Its motorsports 1300 watt UL/CUL and its the cheaper way to polish your car after paint. Its cord length is short so there is a need for an extension cord for covering all the area of the car while polishing it. This car buffer is an amazing and good performer as it gives professional polishing to your car at home. You are free from the headache of leaving your car any service center for 1 or 2 days. It is less time consuming as it will give the good finishing in no time. It performs well with its unlimited power as it handles the paste and it gets dry easily. After long use, the device gets warm but not overly hot which is absolutely normal.


  • You do not need to exert pressure as the machine is already heavy to give pressure for effective polishing.
  • It nourishes your car deeply and gives the new look.
  • It takes out the imperfection flawlessly.


  • The device is little heavy so a bit uncomfortable to use.

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8. Kawasaki 840580 10 inch Ergonomic Orbital Waxer

Kawasaki 840580 10-Inch Ergonomic Orbital Waxer

Kawasaki car buffer is a powerful tool and it sports all essential features which give enorgomic speed and performance. It has dual handles and two-layer foam pad promotes removal of the scratches of the surface. It includes terry, applicator, polishing bonnets along with the 3-year warranty. This company is 35 years old and needs no introduction, the trust it has built. It has plenty of ability and it does a great job on the crack area of the car. It vibrates smoothly and does not make an unpleasant sound. check here latest Kawasaki black Friday deals on this site.


  • It is easy to apply and efficient to cope with the flaws of the car.
  • This device is powerful, we can expect easy polishing which removes the scrapes and oxidation.
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Leaves no scars and its finishing is unmatched.
  • The gleaming coat of wax on the car make shinier and flawless.


  • It seems that it should have more pads.

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9. WEN 10PMC 10 inch Waxer/Polisher in case with Extra Bonnets

WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer

WEN 10 inch is articulated with the perception to treat the car like the king. It nourishes it pores through its waxing, buffing, and polishing. For good control, it has dual handle grips, which is good enough to support usability. Its application makes your car cool, attractive and finished.


  • Its round movement gives swirl-free finish and makes the polishing easy.
  • It has dual handle grips.
  • Leaves no marks with its polishing finish.
  • Makes your car more durable and maintained.
  • It tackles all the imperfections without making a noise.


  • Its design and look are a bit different among the list.

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10. Bosch GP712VS 120-Volt Large Angle Polisher

Bosch GP712VS 120-Volt Large Angle Polisher

Bosh is an awesome Company and it makes happening a car buffer. It removes scratches with its virtual ability and capacity. This polisher gives your car new look by working on the whole exterior of the car. Bosh is well-deserving as it has 12 amp motor and when it comes to its weight which is around 6 pound. This metal polisher is high in performance so it is perfect for professional use. Its speed is around 700 to 3000 RPM which is great in supporting all the applications. There is a feature that you can lock the speed dial which can be turned off and on with a lock on button for other apps to use.


  • It clarifies most of the impurities like scratches, scrapes, patches, and oxidation, give shine and nourishment.
  • Its speed is 700 to 3000 and weight is 6 pound.
  • It includes more things apart from the device.
  • This 7-inch polisher is designed with metal which makes it stunning in look also apart from its good performance.


  • Not available in a variety of colors.

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Here is the above list which has more advantages over disadvantages so you will never disappoint to buy any of the car polisher or auto buffer. This top-rated car buffer is something you get what you pay for.

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