Best Headrest DVD Player 2019 for Car : Unlimited Fun with Audio and Video

DVD Players has been the most important part of our life. But due to the invention of the laptop, tablet, and smartphone the use of DVD player become less at home but what you say about the car. You must not want to be left behind so you want the best headrest DVD Player for your car to have both the world’s fun. The variety of option can confuse you so you need to little conscious and trick in choosing the best headrest DVD player. First, know about the headrest DVD player.

Top Headrest DVD Players 2019 for Car

ImageBest Headrest DVD PlayerRating/Check Price
BOSS Audio BV9370B Double Din3.2 out of 5 Star

Absolute DPH-970IRG4.0 out of 5 Star

Audiovox AVXMTG10UA4.0 out of 5 Star

XTRONS Twin Car headrest DVD player3.4 out of 5 Star

BOSS Audio BV12.1MCH3.5 out of 5 Star

Philips PD9030/37 9-Inch Portable DVD Player3.7 out of 5 Star

Best Headrest DVD player for car

Best Headrest DVD Players for Car Reviews

Now move to the next segment and get to know about the best headrest DVD players 2019 for long driving experience more rejoicing. All the below list is outstanding in features and they are quality products as per the price. You can get them on Amazon so buy them from our website.


BOSS Audio

This stunning quality headrest BOSS HIR9BGTM is a 9-inch video monitor. Its display is Widescreen TFT and resolution of 800 * 480 Pixels. this portable DVD player for car headrest has 3 different pillow colors. It will be easier for you to match the car’s interior with black, gray and tan. It sports channel A and Channel B with the help of two different signals for the headphones. It is apt for audio and video both. Needless to have dual channel IR Transmitter for listening to the music. When you have headphones you can plug and listen as it has a standard 3.5 mm pin shaped plug. The front audio and video in BOSS permit the input of audio or video signals from MP3 players. It can support other devices as well which have video running capability.

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2. Absolute DPH-970IRG

Absolute DPH

Absolute DPH-9701IRG OF 9.5 inch is having an LCD screen and built-in IR Transmitter for using the headphone wirelessly. This headrest monitor is having multiple virtues as it includes slots for USB or DVD or SD card. The mounting is quite easy and the device is lightweight. There is a remote control to use it in better convenience. The availability of colors is few you need to check for others but I am sure the grey color is available. The auto switch system makes the device use easily. It is compatible with all cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedez Benz so wait is useless when you are getting the best deal at such price. It is ideal for game lover also as it is surrounded with a 9-inch display with the 16.9 widescreen movies. It has 2 audio or video outputs.

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3. Audiovox AVXMTG10UA 10”Overhead Monitor W/ Built-In DVD Player

Audiovox AVXMTG10UA

Audiovox AVXMTG10UA is a bunch of entertainment. It can give complete enthusiasm once you listen to it. It has a built-in DVD player. It is featured with a Movies2go system that plays its own data of media devices through SD or USB card. You can have a different color range that suits perfectly to the interior of the car. The colors like pewter, shale, and black. In addition, you will have 2 wireless headphones so you can have more fun with your favorite music and movies. Both audio and video is unpredictably superb. The higher frequency of the audio gives outstanding sound and it has infrared light that makes the signal condition better. This wireless headphone has everything designed superbly for your convenience and one of them is that if you accidentally leave the headphone on it will automatically off due to it is an inbuilt automatic timer. This portable DVD player for car headrest includes dome lights, jack, USB, Audio or video input or output and SD slots and forgotten to add a wireless remote control. There is a lot of accessories to make it more precious and usable. It is a perfect fit for your car, van, and other vehicles and it includes 2 AAA batteries that you can get with the system. Its frequency is ultimate 30 Hz to 20 KHz. It will turn out to be a great appreciable factor for you.

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4. XTRONS Twin Car headrest DVD player

This contemporary XTRONS twin car headrest DVD player can offer you more feature that you will feel that you are getting a bonus of features. It has a resolution of 800 * 480 and its touch screen property is good and makes your usability far easier. It has an MP3 player that sports 32 GB and it has a USB port that is absolutely compatible with USB drive while there is an SD card slot that supports SDHC cards. Apart from these, it is compatible with different platforms like DIVX, MPEG, DAT, MOV, VCD, XVID, MP3, wma and JPEG. Surprising element is that it can support different languages so spending time in your would not be boring anymore for you. The powered with 32-bit different game can be played in DVD player. The wireless gaming experience would be absolutely so comfortable. This is completely packed with more amazing features that make you feel that you are having everything you wished to have in your headrest DVD player. Its offerings are endless.

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5. BOSS Audio BV 12.1 MCH Widescreen Flipdown and Swivel Monitor

BOSS Audio BV12

This is another model from BOSS in the list as it is remarkable in the audio and video industry. You can have full enjoyment from its gaming, watching movies or listening to audios all the way brand can offer lovely features and entertainment unlimited. It has everything similar to another option from BOSS but it is bigger in a screen as is 12.1 inch. This is for those who like to have a bigger screen for watching movies or for playing videos. There is no compromise in quality in many aspects. It makes your life more colorful and enjoyable. You can set a different angle for watching the video conveniently for the people who have to sit beside you. It can move up from 30 degrees to left or right.

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6. Nextbase Car 7D Dual in headrest car DVD Player

Nextbase has a built-in AV connector that permits you to view single DVD on both screens once. The HD picture quality is superb and having an auto-resume feature that helps you to see the movies of a game again where you left is incredible. It has a built-in stereo speaker and it supports wireless headphone. There is the remote control for every screen and it comes with a USB slot and SD card slot. You can play MP3 music files, JPEG Picture files, Video files in DivX or MPEG4 format.

7. Philips PD9030 portable DVD Player

This product is so cool and advantageous for you by all reason. This portable DVD player for Car headrest is having a built-in battery so it becomes due to this reason bit heavier comparatively. The longevity of the battery is for 5 hours and when you are not charging, it has three pin plug charger which you can use at your home. Along with this, it has 12 v cigarette lighter cables for the more convenient use in the car. Installation is easy with this headrest this brand DVD player but with the help of a screwdriver, you can install this device. At one side it is good also that when you want to remove it from your car, it is quite easy. It includes 640 * 220-pixel display and with the 9-inch screen size which is big enough for car use. The LED light is bright even though it does not make the driver uncomfortable with its extra light. It is adjustable and flexible in use. Philips is generous and offers a lot of stuff at this price range. It has a USB port for viewing of DivX or VOB video files, MP3 music files or JPEG images. It includes a single headphone port so it will be tough for the two people use it altogether. They can use it but for that, you need to buy a separate splitter. You can connect it to TV with the help of AV outport and there is an option for connecting it to other devices so the two people need to watch the same thing.

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8. Voyage 7PP Dual in Car portable DVD player

Voyage 7PP is great in its functions as it can offer you Dual viewing experience. I mean you can have fun by playing this DVD player by watching two different movies at the same time. So, no need to do any compromise for each other. Voyage 7PP is programmed with four controls that have two buttons to move forward and backward or up and down to navigate. Its quick setup is also keeping it’s in demand and without any assistance of tools you can get it installed. It has12 v cigarette lighter cable for the power supply. The cable can be extended to the first cable to the second. It has also auto resume functions so the game can be played from where it was left to play. The in-built speaker is a perfect fit for children for great audio quality. There is earbud headphone in the set but you can go wireless also. Each screen has a separate remote control. It includes DVDs, USB, and SD card slots and it supports CD, CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R and DVD+/- RW Disc formats. Philips is a good option and it is well featured as per its price.

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What is the Headrest DVD Player?

There are few people who do not know about the headrest DVD player. Headrest DVD player is a good quality player that locate on the back of the seater’s headrest. So it is designed specifically to feel the easiness and without making your neck move you can have fun watching videos. It is a touch screen so handling it is no way ugly. You will love it when you buy it and you can have a demo before buying it for you.

Headrest DVD player 2018 : Buying Guide

Before buying any electronic item you have many things come in mind but you should take care of your priority to have the best model before you as per your use, budget and more. Normally you see a headrest DVD player in the SUVs but it gives a great performance in all aspects. The additional features will definitely please if your DVD player is having it. Everyone needs a valuable investment and sometimes it becomes true that money makes the mare go and sometime this statement becomes over-rated. Just set two things before listening to your conscious mind. First, your choice and you are getting familiar with Headrest DVD players features which is suitable you better know now.


The DVD player screen is priority thing to consider when buying because we do not need to watch it from far so its size should be comfortable that our eyes must not feel restless when watching video for long hours. From 9 inch to 12 inch DVD player is perfect for the car use and a complete fit. Go with an HD screen DVD player for having good quality viewing.


The buyers need to take care of its compatibility with a different platform. You must like to have that option of DVD player before you which can offer CD, CD-RW, CD-R, MP3 and there should be audio also.

High end features

If you want to have more features so you can with full comfort use the DVD player. General features of the DVD player would always be there. Nobody is going to complain that but people has become greedy and they need some unique offering which normally you do not get in DVD player. Like DIVX compatibility, GPS and Audio and video feature. The GPS technology in your car is always welcome so you can navigate the location easily… The audio or video offering is great for the other devices connectivity. You will more be fortunate to have more options. DIVX file format is the one thing people like to play on DVD player. This format can make you copy DVD in CD that you can watch it in the player.

Battery Life

DVD players always need good battery power for long hours playing. This will make the passenger at great comfort when they do not need to use the car’s power to make one movie run. But we can expect all the below mentioned brand of a DVD player to play more than 5 to 7 hours.

There are apart from Headrest DVD player, Rearview Mirror DVD Player, In-Dash DVD Players, and Flip Down DVD Players. All are specific for their position in the interior of the car. So it is completely on your choice which position and angle better suit your car and you. So think before buying.

All the above best Headrest DVD players 2019 are a fascinating option for your car. Your family will not feel bored when they are going for long driving. With your one touch on the DVD player, you can have all the fun at your feet. From audio to videos, everything is well programmed and you will have a great session with this without any interruption. Playing it will always be fun for you. Keep your long journey at the feet of entertainment. The selective options of the best headrest for your car are compiled for you as you do not need to research a lot.

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