Best Remote car Starter 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Remote starters have gained fame lately, regardless of whether you are dwelling in a place with extraordinary icy or heat this little gadget can make life a great deal easier. The very basic pursuit of a remote starter is to remotely start the engine to pre-heat or pre-cool the car before you hop on to it.

These days it is very easy to find a good remote starter for your car but there are times when car dealers tend to value gouge customers by charging huge expenses for a ready-made system. Whereas on the flip side an aftermarket remote starters can be purchased and fit in by $400, so there is no point in paying more the $400 to the dealer for a remote starter.

Best Remote car Starter Systems 2019

Here we round up the top 6 best remote start system, after that we review each product and then we find a detail buying guide. It helps you to take a wise decision and you are able to choose a perfect remote start system for your car.

ImageBest Remote car StarterRangeProduct DimensionsWeightRating/Check Price
Viper 4706v 2-Way LCD Remote Start System"1-Mile Range7 x 7 x 5 inches2 pounds3.4 out of 5 Star

Crimestopper RS7-G5 Cool Start 2-Way Remote Start System"3000 ft. range3 x 8 x 5 inches1.72 pounds3.8 out of 5 Star

Directed Electronics Inc 4806P Python LED 2-Way Remote Start System"1-Mile Range6 x 6 x 6 inches1 pounds4.1 out of 5 Star

Compustar CS800-S 1-Way Remote1000 ft. Range8 x 5.2 x 3.4 inches1.65 pounds4.1 out of 5 Star

Compustar CS4900-S (4900S) 2-way Remote 3000 feet range8 x 5.2 x 3.4 inches1.4 pounds5.0 out of 5 Star

Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote-----8 x 6 x 3 inches1.55 pounds3.8 out of 5 Star

Best Remote Start Systems Reviews

We are listing few of the best remote starters available in the market.

Viper LC3 4706V:

The 2-way communication system, Viper is one of the most reputed & well-known aftermarket automotive parts producers. They specialize in alarms & remote starters. Though all their remote starters now come equipped with the facilities from their alarm system. So, on the other hand, you are paying for the brand value at times.

This product from Viper is one of the most advanced remote starters with a two-way communication system & an LCD display. It is one of the most expensive starters available in the market but comes numerous features & modularity available to pimp your ride even more. It is easy to control & have smartphone compatibility.


  • Have 2-way communication remote
  • Have an LCD display with smartphone compatibility & other add-ons
  • Have a 1-mile range


  • Expensive
  • Complex installation
  • Add on features need extra investment.

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 Crimestopper RS7-G5

2-way communication remote, this is another aftermarket company dealing with automotive parts for safety & security. Much like Viper, you are to pay for the brand value in case you decide to buy one of their product.

RS7-G5 is one of the premium product from Crimestopper & comes with both 1-way or 2-way communication with a range of 3000 feet.

It also houses an LCD display & has smartphone compatibility. In terms of programming feature, it allows 31 of such features to add on. The company allows you to select from either 1-way or 2-way communication key, which varies the range of the remote.


  • Both 1-way & 2-way communication keys, with LCD display & smartphone compatibility.
  • Allows 31 programming feature
  • Compatible with different types of vehicle


  • Expensive unit
  • Programming features need hardware attachment

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Python 4806P

A mid-range remote starter with 2 way LED remote. Having a range of 1-mile range for the remote. It comes equipped with shock sensors, which will alert you in case of any of any shock. It has four aux port which allows personalization & customization.

4806P allows users to connect to multiple vehicles with just one key. It allows users to add on extra features like parking lights, seat heating etc.


  • 2-way communicator
  • Long range & Smartphone compatible
  • Decently Priced


  • No LCD display
  • Comes with only one remote
  • Additional extra features would require more investments

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Compustar CS800-S

This product from Compustar is one of the best budget-friendly remote starts you can get for your car.  Considering there has to be a payment made for the installation it is one of the cheapest product to buy & install.

This starter works with all sorts of the vehicle including a diesel vehicle. It can be connected to your smartphone which requires the separate module to be installed. Fits with all kind of vehicles.


  • Low-cost product
  • Works with diesel vehicles
  • The cheapest model which can be connected to a smartphone


  • 1-way remote
  • Low range
  • Not much additional features

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Compustar CS4900-S: Best Programmable Remote Start System

This product from Compustar on our list is one of the best midlevel starter system. It has an excellent range of 3000 ft with 2 way LED remote. LED indications provide visual confirmation of the action taken from the remote.

Fits all types of vehicle including diesel vehicles. The remote doesn’t house an LCD display but can be programmed to work with two different cars. It can also be synced with your smartphone.


  • 2-Way Remote
  • Works with diesel cars
  • Long range & smartphone compatible


  • No LCD display
  • Smartphone connection would require a separate module to be installed

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Avital 4103LXBest Budget Remote Start System

This model from Avital is one of the best if not the best cheapest remote start system available in the market. Though the cheapest model doesn’t come with all the bells & whistles. The full set would obviously require more monetary involvement as well as the addition of hardware which will control other functions.

It comes with other security features like engine kill switch which would prevent any type of rigging. It doesn’t come with an LCD display & buttons can often get confusing.


  • Least expensive
  • Easy to install
  • Engine kill switch for security reason


  • 1-way communication
  • Additional features need more monetary investments
  • Not user-friendly

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Our list comprises starters in all segments of budgets, it is not an easy job to understand the perfect fit. First thing first you should know which model will work in your car. If you are not highly funded COMPUSTAR CS800-S & AVITAL 4103LX are the two best option. If you are looking something high end with all the bells & whistles Viper LC3 4706V is the best bet & if you want something in the mid-range COMPUSTAR CS4900-S is a good bet.

Secondly, it is important to use the help of a professional to install the remote starter. Let us know about your experience with a remote starter by commenting down below.

Best Remote Car Starter System Buying Guide

We have sorted the best 8 remote starters of 2019, but before commencing the lineup we are listing the buyer’s guide. Follow these simple steps to understand & choose the perfect fit for your car.


The remote starter usually doesn’t need significant monetary involvement for the product, but it requires investment for installation, professional help should be employed for installing. To understand or appoint the perfect remote starter for your car the first thing you need to understand is something called “Range.” The range of your remote starter plays a vital role with respect to the distance from which the remote can work. It is to be noted that often the distributors overblow the capacity to gain popularity.

Normally a decent enough remote starter has a range of 1000 to 1200 feet. But often the remotes are not able to pass on the signal when there is an obstruction of wall, car or any other thick material. Unfortunately, it is difficult to properly benchmark the range of the remote until & unless it is used in real time. Brands often use proprietary signal or receiver which works decently & usually have an accurate range.


Remote starts have evolved to be more than just a remote starter. With the development of technology, you can now control multiple actions with the remote, like parking indicator, open/close trunk etc.

These systems use a pager to connect to the main module in the car. There are mainly two types of communication system which is used in the pagers- One-way communication & Two-way Communication. Two-way communication is significantly more expensive than a one-way communication system & is obviously the one with better communication strength. Though the communication strength doesn’t upset the performance of the main starter but is essential for other additional functions.


Every remote starter comes with some sort of engine sensors, which allows you to get critical information about the engine e.g. when it is a cold start or what is the RPM of the engine. Without the engine sensor, the remote starter would try to crank the engine even when it is on, so better the sensor better the starter. It is important to choose a starter which can track the engine RPM.


Installation is the most expensive part of setting up a remote starter. From a not so high-end remote starter to a high-end remote starter it is always suggested to use a professional person to install it. Cost of professional installation often cost more than the original remote starter.


With the comfort of the ability to start your car to pre-heat or pre-cool before you hop on is an excellent feature itself if you reside in an area with extreme temperature. Now imagine a situation, where you can program your remote starter to start automatically every day at a fixed time. There are models which support little programming which can ease your driving experience even more.

NOTE: There are municipalities which prohibit car users from running their vehicles when unattended. Be sure of your laws before you install a remote starter system.


Now a day’s remote starter is used not only for remotely starting the car to pre-heat or pre-cool but has a number of convenient features like trunk open/close, window defrost/ parking sensors etc. There are many additional features which can be added on to a remote start device.

There are different varieties available of the same model which allows users to install different convenient features so it is always advisable to keep an eye on those products which allow you to personalize with other convenience features.


Once you gain experience with the remote starter & its accommodation facilities, you might be tempted to expand or extend the features which are available with the remote starter. There are numerous brands which provide a full suite of product to further pimp your vehicle.

The more the modularity options, the more expensive it gets. Usually, other modules need installation of other hardware to equip them.

There are quite a few numbers of modularity options available in the market these days e.g. you can connect your best remote car starter with your smartphone which allows access to your vehicle all the time. It is important to choose & decide on the exact feature you want to add on with your modularity because each new hardware you install will take up space in your vehicle.

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