Best Snow Tires for Cars 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Snow Tires for Cars 2019: If you are living in a wintry region and you are bound to have snowfall normally. You might have encountered the problem of driving your car with ordinary tires. In that case, you can adhere to the best snow tires for avoiding the worst winter driving experience. There should be your peculiarity to choose the best snow tires for your regular use. I agree that all season tires are eligible and it saves your bucks by going for separately different season tires. But all season tires do not give a good result on the snowy road so it is better to go for best snow tires for cars.

I have settled the list for your wide range option to select one snow tire for the car for the uninterrupted driving due to the snowy path.

Best Snow Tires For Car 2019

1. BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI

Size: 195/65RI5

 BFGoodrich will solve your purpose when it comes to driving in the snowy path. It has a better grip as this designed in a manner to give full comfort inside of your car. It has a 6-year long warranty and your concern will end related to driving your car in the snowy road. It will make your day when you have BFGoodrich with you. It helps you immensely in an adverse situation and will not let you down when you are going for an outing in the winter season. BFGoodrich understands your need with its enduring performance.

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2. Dunlop Winter Maxx Radial Tire : Best Budget Show Tire

Size: (195/65RI5 91T)

Dunlop Winter Maxx Radial tire does not take traction. The light spread of snow all over the road does not make you have ugly experience with driving. So, in that case, your snow tire is a real survivor and does not put you in the worst situation where driving becomes the toughest thing. All that desirable things you are getting only in few bucks investment so do not think twice while taking a good delivery of performance from your new tires whose road contact is impeccable. It is designed to deliver long mileage even in snow.

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3. Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S

Size (265/70R17 113S)

Yokohama is performance oriented and makes you fall in love every time you drive it in snowy road. This best snow tire has made a long way to go as it is nothing that starts and finishes. Its structure is quite impressive and it offers twin steel belts also. It is compatible for jeeps, trucks and SUVs. It has a asymmetric pattern of design that ensures round edge blocks that prevents traction with its great control. It has a rigid sidewall and there is no issue in moving in the stumps. It is all the way hands on for those who live in the cold region.

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4. Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10

Size: (265/70R17113T)

This Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 is basically made particularly for light truck, van, and sports vehicles. It has good tread and its sidewall design looks great on your vehicle. It is powerful that it maintains the balance of the pickup. It does not exaggerate in performance as this snow tire has better control. The tread is having a rugged texture that ensures durability and resistant to puncture. There are two step sipes that increase tread durability even in the wet region or snowy region. It does not give up at a tough situation on the snowy road and its movement is no compromising as well. Hankook has enhanced grip and road contact so no fear of being slippery on road and driving will never ever experience out of control situation.

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5. Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter Radial Tire

Cooper does exotic work on snow and ice area. It makes you glad to drive often. The credible experience with this snow tire does not give traction and it is compatible with SUV, light truck and cars. It is brilliant on a snowy road with D square technology. It maintains wet traction and having excellent road contact so there is no problem you face while driving. This snow tire is designed with good quality rubber texture that will not easily puncture with the rough driving. Its durability is unmatched and it will be long lasting that no side effect of the snow and ice will make it slow.

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6. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter Radial Tire

Size: 205/55R16 91H

Bridgestone is a wonderful and well-sized snow tire with its peculiarity. It is puncture resistant due to its rubber made texture. Its great performance for snow riding gives an exclusive experience of driving. It goes well on the highway also without making much noise. Bridgestone is amazing and can be handled easily in the worst situation of a snowy road and that is also without compromising in its speed. So you will not be late for your office if there is having little snowfall. Go to it for making your winter tension free.

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7. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Radial Tire

Size: (205/55R16 94H)

Michelin is the fantastic and very good performer in a snowy road so you are free from worry when driving. This brand of snow tire is extra amazing as it is so firm and puncture resistant. It can move with jet speed due to its rugged texture. It has a good grip so it does not become slippery in wet road. Its sensuality and the perfect look nice with your car. This is the third generation X-Ice winter tires that handle the worst condition of the road. You can overcome any situation with its smart moves. It is designed with sipes technology that increases great efficiency. It is quite well and saves your fuel even in the snowy road that makes tire move effortlessly also.

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8. Continental Extreme Winter Contact

Size: 205/55R1689H

The lovely option for your car the Continental Extreme Winter contact snow tire. The moment I have bought for my car, become its fan. It is puncture resistance, keep your car run in jet speed even in snowy road. It can be handled in poor condition like wet. It is rigid so far in performing better and perfectly designed for the winter region to cope with its untoward situation. Once you will buy it you can forget to worry about anything else. This is a superb option for the Canada or other cold region road. Its grip is so accurate that will not meet you with any accidents. The rugged texture provides good timing and better command to stop or ride. It is an absolutely perfect ride for you in a snowy place.

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9. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire

This snow tire is an absolutely perfect fit for a fight against snow and ice and by keeping its behind it knows to keep going on. It has superb traction in the snow and it has no issue in tackling the snow and ice spread all over the road. There is hydroplane resistance and it does not create unpleasant noise while driving at the highway. You have several factors to choose this stunning snow tire for your car. It has a multi-angle sipes system that smartly enhances road grip and it is powered with other beautiful features as well. Overall good option to defeat the snow with it peculiarity.

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10. Firestone Winterforce Radial Tire

Size: 195/65R15 915

Firestone is killer, maintains it powered features limitless. The snowy road is a nightmare to drive your car but with this tire, you cannot encounter any untoward situation as it handles well in snow. It has high traction and highly responsive when it comes to drive on road full of snow. It knows to run with speed without facing puncture and any damages on your strong rugged snow tire. The pattern and design look amazing as well. The zigzag design is not only for pleasant to look but it enhances road contact and better command at the time of adverse situation. Hands-on for this amazing brand of a snow tire.

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11. General Altimax Arctic Winter Tire

Size: 195/65R15 91Q

General Altimax Arctic snow tire is at its best for winter region. It does not let you compromise while driving. The perfect timing set that delivers at the time of necessity. The power and inbuilt different features is sufficient to maintain it at the worst condition of the road full of snow. It has ultimate grooves and there is sipes as well to offer best to you at the low temperature. The wet road will be no more headaches to drive your car. This is the best option for car, SUV, sedans and van and takes a different direction with stability. The multi angle sipes feature remarks amazing delivery and there is sweeping slots. It has all weather dual tread compound and reactive contour technology. This multi featured snow tire I cannot leave for any reason.

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12. Centara Snow Tires

Size: 195/65RI5 91T

Centara snow tire is high traction that ensures to be at its best whether the road is wet and dry. You will have the best ride in the worst condition of road full of snow even so you cannot be hopeless with Centara. It is centered and firm to balance the tough situation. It has blades that are multi angled to promote different direction of movement. Its stopping performance is better and increases the snow and water evacuation. This snow tire is a miracle and for Canada road where snow fall happens in general. The comfort it offers cannot be paralleled with any other ordinary tire. Centara does not make you exhausted while driving as it makes your ride enjoyable with the effortless running. This snow tire evaluates a high level of performance so my vote for this snow tire is high.

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What Set Snow Tire Apart from ordinary tires?

Snow tires are compatible with all cars, vans and SUVs. Snow tires are better featured and flexible in making your car’s movement easy. The rubber formulation of the tire does not get hard in the cold temperature so it maintains the grip of the tire. Snow tire is made up of soft rubber when the temperature gets down it becomes softer and enhances the grip. There is also the presence of the small slits in the surface of the tire that ignore the snowy places issues. It is having a metal texture that works well in the ice, it handles brake or getting your car parking done with smoothness. You need to be particular about the sizes of the wheel and car as it should be fitted to each other. There will be the balance of everything as it does not make road noise generally but when it is on the highway then you have to little compromise with its noise and consume mileage. But, overall a great investment. Everybody have their own specific style of driving but best snow tire works according to your wish. It means Snow tire has better control and takes the direction as per the situation.


I have helped you to simplify the selection process and this guide about best snow tires 2019 will strike the difference that will not create buzz. As you all know now, Snow tires are made of rubber compounds that stay flexible in performance in low temperature for the better traction of snow and ice. The priorities and budget should be taken into consideration when you buy it from Amazon by clicking on the above link. Even the tire expert will agree with me.

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