How to polish your car by your hand

Polishing your car is one of the most important jobs to retain the shine and gloss. There are many machine driven methods for polishing the car but it has been largely seen that many people tend to go for the hand polishing. The reason behind the polishing may be personal care or the extra effort that everyone wants to give to the car. However, the impact depends upon the hardness of the paint. We often see the swirl marks in the car that give a bad impression. However, proper polishing can significantly reduce or remove the marks. There is a special way to polish the car especially when you are doing it with your hands. Here are the steps that you should follow while polishing your car by hand.

Before Polishing

This may sound weird but this is one of the most important parts of the polishing. You must make sure that your car is properly washed and then dried. This is done in order to make sure that the hardness of the paint is softened and it becomes easier to polish.

Choose your applicant

Before you start the polishing you must make sure that you are going for the correct applicant. You can go for a foam or microfiber pad. The size and shape can vary but the most common shape is round or oblong. You can pick the polish of your choice. You can give a drop of your polish on the middle of the round pad. If you are using an oblong pad then give your polish at the circle and the middle of the pad. Once you are done with it, then you are ready to polish the car by hand.

How to polish the car?


The polishing of the car should be done with a very soft hand. You can start the polishing from upside to down before moving to sidewise. How you can always go for the circle polishing. This will make a strong impact. If the hardness of the paint is more, then do not polish it hard instead repeat the process multiple times. This would fetch better results.

The Final Touch

You may see the polishing effect once you are done with the process. The swirl marks would start vanishing but that is not the end of the process. If you are looking for the desired shine and gloss then one final touch with fine hand polishing is required. You can simply do that in order to get perfect results. You can remove the excess of a residue of polishing with a soft cloth. However, if you have microfiber buffing towel then this is the best option you have. The only thing that you should make sure that it should be polishing and not scrubbing. Scrubbing can make a bad impact on the car.

This will make sure that your swirl marks are significantly reduced and if the marks are light then it will be removed. However, if you want more shine and gloss then the best option is to go for car wax for improved results.

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